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Web Digital Mantra Partner Program

Partner Program offers a range of benefits to Agencies and Freelancers who choose to team up with Web Digital Mantra
1000+ partners are already making profit with the help of Web Digital Mantra products
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Partner Program

Web Digital Mantra Partner Program is designed for companies of all sizes. We are offering partnership to IT companies, web and online marketing agencies, IT and business consultants, and those considering opening a new business.

How to make profit with Web Digital Mantra?

Development Partner

We can become the exclusive technical sub-contractor on your project. Our team will work based on your technical requirements and complete your design / marketing / PR efforts by developing custom software.

Business Partnership

The classic partnership model where our companies share our strongest skills to create a top-notch product.

Referral Program

If you don’t want to take care of management, communication, and responsibility for the end product, you can refer us as a trusted software development company to your client and we will share a percentage of the total cost with you.

What’s in It for You?

Revenue share

Receive a 20% revenue share of your client’s monthly plan for as long as they stay with Omnisend

Partner Portal

A one-stop-shop to access and manage all of your client accounts

New leads

Search through our carefully selected job offers to gain new leads

Build your expertise

Access our hand-picked training courses and find all the answers in our knowledge base

Beta access

Be among the first ones to test new features, see our product roadmap, and access Partner events

Partner badge

Get your Partner badge to show your expertise in using Web Digital Mantra

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