Pay per click(PPC) or cost per click is a model of internet marketing wherein advertiser pays money for each click of their advertisement. PPC is used to increase sales and generate quality leads. The best form of PPC is Search Engine Advertising. Google Ads (Earlier Google Adword) provide the PPC system wherein Ads appear in Google search engine and other Google partners website.

Advertisers are bidding their Ad through Ad placement in the search engine through the sponsored link. Users pay on keywords in PPC. When people or customers are clicking on this sponsored ad, the advertiser has to pay money on per click charges. If Ad is properly customized then PPC is very worth full because you are getting quality traffic only by paying small money. Web digital mantra provides the best PPC services. We have well experienced Google Adwords experts team. They will well design the ad and the landing page as per clients requirement to reach a larger number of audience. PPC or banner ads are helping measure audience interest or attention. More than 30% of the generated directly generated. WEB DIGITAL MANTRA provides best PPC advertisements. We are analyzing the audience behavior & interest as well and accordingly changing the bidding as well.

PPC works basically on following two key factors:

  • CPC Bid (Highest Amount quoted by an advertiser)
  • Quality Score (CTR, Relevance & Landing Page quality)

Types of Google Ads:

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Shopping Ads

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