What is Content Marketing? [2019]: Web Digital Mantra
What is Content Marketing? [2019]: Web Digital Mantra

What is Content Marketing? [2019]: Web Digital Mantra

What is Content Marketing? [2019]: Web Digital Mantra

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a strategy of Online Information. It focuses on valuable, relevant and proper information. So it is applied to bring the audience with profitable customer action. Content Marketing has bet traditional marketing with its effective results. Even more, it has been cost-effective marketing in Digital Marketing.

Quick Overview:

  • Why Content Marketing?
  • Strategies for Content Marketing
  • High Performing types of Content Marketing
  • Conclusion on Content Marketing

Basically people think Content Marketing involves Blogs, Video Content, Image Content, Twitter, Facebook, etc. But it has a wide range like Data from Survey, Presentations, Testimonials, FAQs, Infographics, Memes, eBooks, etc.

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Why Content Marketing?

Content Marketing helps a Business to improve conversions. In contrast, it helps to educate your leads or customers about your brand in many different ways.

  • Content Marketing helps in creating Brand Awareness among customers.
  • A Business never works without Conversions. Therefore, Content Marketing helps you to improve conversions.
  • It helps you to build better bonding between you and the customer.
  • Backlinks are an important source for better SEO. So, Content Marketing helps you in getting backlinks.
  • Content Marketing supports Social Media Sharing.
  • It creates a large number of visitors on your website.


Simply doing Content Marketing is not enough. Because a content Marketing plan must get us more leads, conversions & traffic. Some Strategies in Content Marketing will help you grow your Business without wasting time and money.

Some of the Content Marketing Strategies are:

Set Goals: Goals should be set which involves Social Media Engagement, SEO Success, Getting more Traffic and Conversions, Increase Sales, etc.

Tell your Brand Stories: You have to differentiate on what ideas you want to share with the audience. Also, it must include how do those ideas differ from the competition. As a result, you will see the landscape upcoming once you have shared your ideas.

Decide which type of Content you want to create: You will come across a number of Content Marketing types. But all types may not work sometimes. Therefore, you have to choose which Content Marketing strategy is helpful for your Business.

Publishing & Managing your Content: Your Strategy should go beyond the Content. Similarly, it should cover the complete structure of your Business. Later you have to manage and promote the content by planning a Social Media Content Calendar.

Contents builds Relationships. Relationships are built on Trust. Whereas Trust drives Revenue…

High Performing Types of Content Marketing

Video Content: Everybody loves and enjoys watching videos. Because the video is a channel which explains a lot in less time. It is very efficient too.

Infographic: They are the best way to represent your content in an attractive way. It explains a lot in fewer words. Also, they help you get quality backlinks.

Data from Surveys: One has to conduct surveys by publishing original data to get more traffic.

Testimonials (Feedback): It is a very essential way to get proof to your customers of the services you provide. As a result, it builds confidence in customers to reach you for your services.

Memes: They play a great role in adding humor to your content. Also, Memes are very easy to design in less time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): They help customers in understanding your services better. Therefore, Including FAQs in your content is the best way to convince customer with no efforts.

Presentations: Presenting information in a professional way works great. Hence it is a good way to exhibit your Business.

Some other high performing types of Content Marketing are Blogs, Case studies, eBooks, Interviews, Gifs, and many more.


Content Marketing Strategies can be used for any Business Promotion. The visitors have a shorter span of time and may get bored quickly. So Content Marketing Strategy must be effective to create Brand awareness and satisfy the customer on the first stage.

We hope you are now aware of Content Marketing Strategy. If you have anything to share with us, please don’t hesitate to reach us. Please let us know if you have better things to share.