Overview and Strategies of Digital Marketing in Simple words [2019]
Overview and Strategies of Digital Marketing in Simple words [2019]

Overview and Strategies of Digital Marketing in Simple words [2019]

.Overview and Strategies of Digital Marketing in Simple words [2019]

Overview and Strategies of Digital Marketing in Simple words [2019]
Overview and Strategies of Digital Marketing in Simple words [2019]
Digital marketing means marketing through online and communicating values with customers through Online marketing and digital marketing has abilities to change the strategy of business so it will be a game changer for modern day business and brands.

Online behavior Advertising is a practice of collecting information  about users online activity over time

Types of Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Now we will go one by one digital marketing tools ,

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the activity which can attempt to increase internet visibility. It increases the rank of websites in search engine results.  Major search engines like Google and Yahoo have their own primary search results however they are the popular websites around the world .

Purpose of search engine optimization is to become more relevant to Users.

There are two types of techniques used in  Search engine optimization Off-page and On-page SEO.

Search Engine marketing

Search engine marketing is one of the forms of internet marketing. It involves  promotion of websites by increasing their visibility and gaining traffic in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Because traffic which was done primarily through paid advertising means buying traffic in paid search listings. By making this promotion your website is highlighted in search  engine result pages and when someone searches the content related to your Business your website will be in top of the page.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the technique to promote your products and services through social media and Applications. So we can increase brand value of products and services by Social media marketing. By increasing the awareness of Products and services we can communicate directly with customers through these social media.  Because Social media contains several activities like posting text, Images and videos so we can engage with customers through this activities.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an act of sending Commercial based message to a group of people using Email.Through Email we can send advertisement, Request Business, Product sales and discounts to increase Brand Awareness.The advantage of email marketing is we can directly interact with particular customer.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of  creating, publishing and sharing content to attract Particular user. By continuously working on content for targeted user which will  increase the attention of user towards product.

Types of Content Marketing

  • Video marketing
  • Info-graphics
  • E Books
  • Whitepaper
  • Interviews

Facts and development strategies about Digital Marketing

  • Dividing customers by their requirement of products and brands so it helps marketers to quick access of their website.
  • In digital marketing we can collect information about users online activity over time.
  • data driven advertising is a strategy of using customer information  to share advertisement on products required by the same customer.
  • Re-marketing allows marketers to publish targeted ads in front of interested category of customers so user can easily find our ads .
  • There is chance of getting 82% of consumers traffic is only by video in the year of 2021 .


Digital marketing is the dream project for almost all digital marketers for success but it need some strategies for achievement and we must have good sound knowledge about benefits and limitations about digital marketing so we must know utilization of digital technology to achieve marketing strategy. Main source required for Digital marketing is internet and content . Finally we can get a good profit as a result. probably blogs in that website means lot to increase your website traffic. 

First of all Companies must design effective platform for the growth of digital marketing. Marketers must define perfect positive details of their product therefore digital tools is highly required finally to achieve something big in the field of digital marketing. Due to this fact Company must follow some credential strategies likewise in digital marketing.