How Mobile Application is Helpful in Online Marketing [Updated]
Online marketing using mobile application

How Mobile Application is Helpful in Online Marketing [Updated]

How Mobile Application is Helpful in Online Marketing [Updated]

Online marketing using mobile application
Online marketing using mobile application

Online Marketing is based on knowing your customers needs by creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging . It has great values for customers and clients. So these needs will be easily and successfully completed by using mobile Application so Mobile Application is the best tool in Online marketing.

Now most searches on Google is happening through mobile only and More than 70% searches are through mobile So, We need to develop our business strategy accordingly.

Strategies of mobile Application in Online Marketing

All time visibility

Direct Marketing channel

Innovative approaches

Respond Better

Simple Navigation System

Now we will go one by one strategies of Mobile Application in Online marketing

  • All time visibility:

According to marketing statistics, peoples are spending more than two hours per day in mobile devices. So through relevant App used by customers, we can increase the popularity of products. Consequently, By adding advertisement and content, We can increase the sales through the Mobile Apps.

  • Direct Marketing channel:

There are two things that make mobile app a worthwhile marketing asset

  1. It gives you a chance to be with your particular audience at all time 
  2. It provides business marketers a direct interaction with customers and makes communication easy.
  • Innovative approaches:

Innovative approaches means by including mobile apps in our marketing fields and it’s also helpful to make communicating with customers  much easier.

  • Respond Better:

Mobile app is easier for businesses and communication to response to customer problems quickly and more effective.

  • Simple Navigation System:

The Content of the business is display in mobile screens which makes impressive product display and easy navigation system so it is quite useful for customers for their purchase.

Advantages of Mobile Application in Online Marketing

  1. Increasing in sales and profits.
  2. Increasing in No of customers to read your Content and go through it.
  3. Saving cost in marketing.
  4. Expanding customer base and awareness.
  5. Engaging online community of users on our blogs and websites.

Facts about Usage of mobile Application in Online Marketing

  • 50% of all E commerce transactions are happen through mobile devices.
  • 85% percent of customers prefer mobile application instead of using websites so it can be accessible without restriction.
  • Mobile Apps are key to recognize and increase popularity of Brands and products.
  • Almost all investors have own mobile App for their marketing strategies.
  • Usable devices have become an important part of customers through mobile Applications.


Having mobile App in beginning days of business  is tough target for small business owners because development cost of Mobile Application is too high. Services such as having our own app builder which has changed the mobile marketing landscape because popularity mobile application is better than websites.

Nowadays mobile density is more than 90% Also, people are spending good quality time on mobile devices. So, It’s a need of the hour to change our marketing strategy. It should be focused on Mobile Applications so that we can reach our product to the maximum populations. Before owing mobile application marketers should have their own marketing strategy and quality contents.