8 Best Practices for E-Commerce Businesses: Web Digital Mantra
8 Best Practices for E-Commerce Businesses: Web Digital Mantra

8 Best Practices for E-Commerce Businesses: Web Digital Mantra

8 Best Practices for E-Commerce Businesses: Web Digital Mantra

8 Best Practices for E-Commerce Businesses: Web Digital Mantra

E-commerce is a platform for buying or selling goods and services electronically. Transactions of money, fund, and data are also considered as E-Commerce. It has hugely grown in popularity over the last decades. The presence of E-Commerce is very important for the best conversion rates.
The E-Commerce market is growing at a high rate. In 2015-2020 the online market is expected to grow by 56%.

Classification of E-Commerce

Depending on the parties involved in the transactions, E-Commerce is classified into 4 types. They are as follows:
  • Business to Business:
In this type of E-Commerce, Companies interact with each other for Business. It doesn’t involve the Consumer.
  • Business to Consumer:
In this type of E-Commerce, the company interacts with the Consumer online for Business. The Consumer visits the Business on their own interest and does transactions.
  • Consumer to Consumer:
In this type of E-commerce, Consumers buy and sell products or services online. It is done on their personal interest without involving the Company.
  • Consumer to Business:
This is the opposite of Business to Consumer type of E-Commerce. The Individual Customer offer to sell product or services to the Business. Importance of Digital Marketing in Business: Web Digital Mantra
E-Commerce has the potential to combine all the functions of Inter-company and Intra-company. It means it also affects the information flow, physical flow and financial flow in it.

8 Best Practices for E-Commerce Business

  • Prepare a Clear Sitemap:
Sometimes it is difficult to browse a website as per our needs. Navigating becomes complicated when you have hundreds or thousands of products. The customer can bounce off and can never turn up. So you must have simplified your website.
  • Never Miss a Search Bar:
You may have tons of products to display. But forcing visitors to have a look at all of them will not work. Adding a Search Bar can help them search the product of their choice which can increase sales and drives.
  • Involve FAQs on your website:
Adding FAQs can build a great relationship between the customer and you. This helps to understand the facts. And this helps in instilling confidence in them to buy the product.
  • Make Live Chat Available:
Installing this feature can help one to clarify their doubts at that moment of time which will make them buy products instantly.
  • Speed up the website loading speed:
Today people want to save their time in all possible ways. Having slow website loading speed can irritate the buyer to jump off from the site. Fast browsing speed can make them stay for long and shop more easily.
  • High-Resolution Pictures:
The online store is strongly based on text and pictures. So high resolution and beautiful pictures play the best part of E-Commerce.
  • Great and Complete Product Description:
The Product Description must include all the possible information that a customer can think of. This will lead to customer satisfaction and help them to buy more easily and frequently.
  • Free Delivery Offer:
Research study says that shipping charge is the top reason to stop customers from buying the product. If you can supply, then make sure for free shipping availability.


E-Commerce is a great gateway to sell products worldwide. If designed properly it can be the best media for increasing sales and conversions.