7 Effective SEO Techniques to Increase Website Ranking [ Updated ]
7 Effective SEO Techniques to Increase Website Ranking [ Updated ]

7 Effective SEO Techniques to Increase Website Ranking [ Updated ]

To promote their services or products, every Business has a website nowadays. And they want to index in Google first page to get high traffic and lead conversion. When people will search in Google they will click on top 10 results only, because they won’t waste their time for searching their results in the next page. For that top 10 positions(1st page of Search Engine Ranking Page), every website requires SEO techniques to rank on the first page of SERPs.

We will suggest doing the proper SEO audit before applying SEO techniques. Because this audit will give you insights about current status of your website.

Free SEO Adit

SEO Techniques

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the best technique to get high traffic or greater visibility in Search Engine Ranking Pages. In order to rank in the search engine,

 We must follow the following techniques:

1. Quality Content
2. Page Load Speed
3. Link Building
4. URL Optimization
5. Page Title and Description
6. Social media Marketing
7. Keyword Research

Linking is very good technique to get traffic to one’s website. But linking to irrelevant content is critical to growth.

Best Practices of Top SEO Companies to Rank in Google


  • Mobile friendliness
  • Blog submission
  • Image optimization

1. Quality content:

For ranking in the Search engine or get a position in SERPs, the website should contain high-quality content. Before updating the Google panda algorithm website with low-quality content also appeared on the first page of SERPs.

After updating the Panda algorithm, a top website with low-quality content decreased their rankings and got affected by this algorithm.

Hence nowadays all webmasters concentrate or focus on high-quality content means user intent topic that should be available under search engine.

2. Page load speed

It is one of the best factors to be considered to get rank in search engine. Every webmaster should consider these factors to be very serious to get more online visitors to our website. Actually, the page load speed of the web page should be less than 3 seconds.

High page loading speed adverse affects the website ranking in the search engine. All of the above, Website page load speed can check by page insight tool developed by Google.

3. Link Building

Link building is one of the main factors to get rank in search engine. In addition, these SEO techniques are very important. Because they help in getting more traffic to the website. This technique comes under Off-Page SEO. Before creating back link, we should check domain authority and Page rank of the website.

Above all, the website, having more number of backlinks with high quality, that site will appear in the first page of SERPs.

4. Keyword Research

We need to do proper Keyword Research analysis as per blog or website. In addition, the keywords should be competitive and relevant. Therefore, Keyword research needs to be done by different keywords tools like Google keyword planner(a free tool by Google), SEMrush keyword magic tool or Ahref tool (these both are paid). Every webmaster has to research keywords to compete in digital marketing.

Target keywords depend on websites and contents. These keywords need to be ranked in Search Engine Rank page by applying SEO techniques.

5. Page Title and Description

Every blog should keep the title and their description in a defined number of words. So Google bots can understand the content of the blog. You must follow the page these parameters:

  • Title :55-70 characters
  • Description :180 -255 characters

These techniques are relatively helpful in on-page SEO as well. When Google bots will be crawling your website, this SEO mechanism will help that website who followed Search Engine rules.

6. URL Optimization

URL is a web address for particular web pages. People will click and reach on the particular page through these URLs. URL Optimization is one of the main factors to rank in search engine. URL should be short and explainable. It should be helpful for link building.

7. Mobile friendliness

Google has given very high priority on Mobile friendly websites and its contents. When user visit website on mobile, they can easily access each and every page with their intended content. More than 50% of People are searching for their queries in mobile only. If the website is not mobile friendly then you will lose most potential customers.

Most people are using Android or Apple mobile. So it’s very much easy to access the website through this channel. Therefore, your website should be mobile friendly. You can check whether a website is mobile friendly or not by the following link:


Benefits of these SEO techniques

1. The website will get a higher number of the online viewer when the website is on the first page of SERPs.
2. By getting more traffic, you can use visitors behavior to run an advertising campaign on social media or Google Adword.
3. By applying these techniques to the website, Easily we can compete with our competitors.
4. The search engine can Easily crawl and index our website quickly.
5. Mobile friendliness is very helpful for the user experience. Because it’s a very important factor to get referral website to their friends/family. They can share a website to the social media platform as well.
High-quality content is the main factor to be rank in SERPs. So it should be very user intent content also.


Nowadays more than half of the world’s population is using mobile devices for their inquiry in the search engine like google. In other words, they will only intend to click on the Google first page website. So we need to follow the above SEO techniques to get Google no 1-page ranking. These SEO Effective practices should be on very disciplines way with every blog. You will see your blogs or website in Google first ranking as a result.

Than paid ads, Organic results have more weight. Page titles matter when it comes to on-page content.

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