18 Tips to increase Domain Authority[DA]: Web Digital Mantra
18 Tips to increase Domain Authority[DA]: Web Digital Mantra.

18 Tips to increase Domain Authority[DA]: Web Digital Mantra

18 Tips to increase Domain Authority[DA]: Web Digital Mantra.

18 Tips to increase Domain Authority[DA]: Web Digital Mantra

Domain Authority is the most important part of a website. It’s a web metrics to measure a particular website quality. It was developed by MOZ. Domain Authority is based on a scale of 1 to 100. Better domain authority means, a better chance of ranking in the Google search results. If your domain authority is high it means you can expect higher web traffic on your website.

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Higher the Domain Authority, High will be the Search Engine Rankings. And you will get more Traffic. Over 40 signals are considered to calculate Domain Authority.

How to increase Domain Authority

We need to give equal importance to increase the Domain Authority to your website. It will get noticed on the search engines page as well. Please find here 18 tips to increase domain authority:

  1. Build internal linking.
  2. Regularly remove toxic backlinks.
  3. Be patient because the Domain Authority doesn’t get increased instantly.
  4. Maintain the quality inbound links.
  5. Content still tops the list when it comes to bringing ranks and traffic. So make sure your posting is unique, creative and relevant content in your website.
  6. Generate a low bounce rate for your website.
  7. Creating pages on various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  8. Make sure your page is fully effective and optimized for SEO.
  9. Remove any bad links showing to your site.
  10. Create internal linking to and from the page.
  11. Make sure your website is user-friendly and responsive, it will attract more viewers because of the high speed of the page. Ultimately you will get higher domain authority.
  12. Target specific keywords.
  13. Publish effective blog posts frequently.
  14. Unique content linkable content.
  15. Speed up your website performance.
  16. Remove bad backlinks to your website.
  17. Website mobile friendly.
  18. Be active on social media.

Benefits of High Domain Authority

Domain Authority is very important to your website to get high ranking with quality backlinks and quality content. Here are some benefits of domain Authority in search engine optimization

  • Getting a higher position on the search results page.
  • You will get increased SERP position
  • To attract guests blogs and comments.
  • Attract huge advertisers
  • Able to attract sponsored posts.
  • There will be an increase in the affiliate sales

One should never compromise on contents. Because content attracts visitors. Ensure Usage of Images and Videos to make your content more meaningful.

Conclusion on why high domain authority

Domain Authority is an important measured for comparing the SEO strength of your site to other websites. DA will give the idea of who are the competitors and which targets you should target.

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