10 SEO Link Building Techniques: Web Digital Mantra
10 SEO Link Building Techniques: Web Digital Mantra.

10 SEO Link Building Techniques: Web Digital Mantra

10 SEO Link Building Techniques: Web Digital Mantra.

10 SEO Link Building Techniques: Web Digital Mantra

We are here to discuss 10 SEO Link Building Techniques. This concept will definitely make you understand the relationship between SEO and Backlinks.

Link building is the strategy of getting good back links from higher Domain Authority websites. So it needs proper focus on relevant and quality links. Back linking involves acquiring links from other websites to improve both search engine ranking and referrals. Above all, Link building is nothing but increasing site link popularity. 

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There are mainly two types of SEO Techniques – White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

10 SEO Link Building Techniques

  1. Testimonial:

Testimonial link building is a win-win scenario. So this is a great opportunity to build customer trust and to get back links. Therefore, the site generally has potential traffic from that site and much higher approval rate.

  1. Start the blogs:

Write posts on a regular basis. Similarly, focus on your business and the need of your clients. It can most likely get authority. Also, make sure that your content is related and useful.

  1. Construct relationships:

For good link building, construct good relationships. For building new contacts, plenty of opportunities are there. You must start a relationship with forums, blogs or social groups. So start contributing to interesting and relevant comments and posts. 

  1. Ask for back links:

Ask for a back link from your friends, partners, clients, colleagues if they have a blog or a site. But be careful that the back link comes from a website that is related to your niche.

  1. List your site in reliable directories:

Check the best online directories which provide real value to the internet users. Google should have almost included them from its search results. Then you can list your website in such pages. But you should be aware of your website not getting listed in bad directories.

  1. Write a guest post:

There are many sites and blogs that will accept to publish your article. But before writing an article, it must have

  • The website or blog which is relevant to your topic
  • Seems like the article is not about how your company is
  • Most noteworthy, focus on quality of content
  • Keep in mind that a poor article can bring a bad reputation.

Build such links that help your website and not ones that can negatively impact your website’s ranking.

  1. Check the competitors’ backlinks and post in the same:

Enter competitors and start your report when you research your competitors. You will notice that they have some backlinks in common which you don’t have. Try to manage to get these back links.

  1. Reclaim your dead Back links:

You may find broken links to your website. Because of the location of your page changes or if another webmaster misspelled your link. In such a case, these backlinks will return a 404 error.

  1. Infographics:

Some people find it easier to hold information optically. Different people hold information differently. So your message has to be available in every form that can capture the attention of a wider audience. Many people use Infographics to attract links. And it works. Sometimes someone might use your infographic, without linking to you. In such a case, you could start a Google reverse image search.

  1.  Focus on your content:

Once you have recognized the intent of your targeted audience, you can then focus and efficient your content with them.

Conclusion on SEO Link Building

Getting backlinks is not the work of a couple of days. Need to check competitor’s backlinks and list your site in those links and post your site link in social media. Sites content must be related.

Backlinking involves acquiring links from other good domain authority websites. It helps to improve both search engine ranking and referrals.

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