10 Best On-Page SEO Techniques To Get High Traffic
10 Best On-Page SEO Techniques To Get High Traffic

10 Best On-Page SEO Techniques To Get High Traffic

10 Best On-Page SEO Techniques to Get High Traffic

10 Best On-Page SEO Techniques To Get High Traffic

1o best on-page SEO techniques to get high traffic. In the SEO world, a good understanding of their inner workings is critical to be successful, as it allows you to design your website in a way that search engines find your page effective and appropriate. But how can we do that? Well, there is literally quite a lot of tricks you can apply.  

How much control do we have in how SEO Marketing rank us as high?

Best 10 techniques to get high traffic

  1. Meta Title
  2. Meta Description
  3. Keywords
  4. Readability
  5. Inbound link
  6. Outbound link
  7. Alt tag in the image
  8. Block Quote
  9. H Tag distribution
  10. Media and Graphics

Importance of Digital Marketing in Business

  • Meta Title:

Meta title describes the page’s content concisely. This title is the major factor which will visible on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), as a clickable headline for a given result. The title should be accurate and completely based on the content of that particular page. The title should contain HTML element which specifies the title of a web page. Generally, the size of the title is under 60 characters but the exact limit based on 600-pixel container.    

  • Meta Description:

For the benefits of users and search engines, the meta description is used and it’s an HTML element. It summarizes the contents of your page and specifies the quality of the web page. When a page for a specific query is listed as a bit in the SERPs, then only the description is displayed for that web page. Size of the meta description varies as per search engines like google, bing, yahoo and also different for mobile. Like;

  • Google – 158 chars up to 920 pixels
  • Bing – 168 chars up to 980 pixels
  • Yahoo – 168 chars up to 980 pixels
  • Mobile – 120 chars up to 680 pixels   


In on page SEO, whatever content we are writing should be logical and comprehensive with a long tail and target keywords. Keywords phrases are always highlighted with bold or italic appropriately. As per the use of keywords, SEO will optimize your web page for better ranking in search result pages.  


We are writing content for humans mainly. So we need to write good and simple content for better readability purpose like;

  • The sentences should be in an active voice.
  • Subheadings should be there.
  • Maintain paragraph length and it should not be too long.
  • Sentence length also should maintain.
  • Use transition words which help to connect sentences

Inbound link

The inbound link means the link which comes from other websites to your own website. This link help to rank higher in search engines. Through the inbound link, we get referral traffic. It allows users to navigate the website. This is most useful for spreading link equity and establish the site architecture.

Outbound link

The outbound link also called as external links. Outbound links are links that will send your readers from your website to other sites over the internet. If another website, it is examined as outbound links. At the same time, if you link to another website it is also an outbound link.

Alt tag in the image

Images always attract people, so try to add images in your blogs with good alt tags. If you are adding good images in your blog means people will see the image and read the blog. Sometimes images only describe the whole content, so try to add that kind of image with alt tags. Adding an image with an alt tag for a blog provide alternative text for search engines.

Block Quote

Blockquote visually separates the quoted content. Also, help to get high traffic. It should be highlighted format.

H Tag distribution

The h tag is used to give structure and context of your blog. Each and every H tag should give an idea to people about the topic. The first headline is in h1 tag and all other sub-headings are in the h3 tag. It will improve accessibility and SEO.  

Media and Graphics

Media and graphics are used between blogs.


I hope the above-written information will help you to know more about the On page SEO marketing where you get high traffic as per your websites using these techniques.